Wealth is a


Your retirement should be a place of happiness, comfort and laughter.

We’ll help you get there.

What’s your vision?

It all starts with having a clear idea of how you want to spend your retirement. The old retirement question was, “How will you invest your money so you can retire comfortably?” The new question we want to help you to solve is, “How will you invest yourself, your time, and your money to have the best life possible?” We don’t view retirement as an end point but rather a launching point.

Your ideal retirement might be based in South Africa. Or you might want to have the option of global lifestyle flexibility. Wherever you plan to spend the second half of your life, we will do everything in our power to make sure your dreams become reality. We call it outcome-based planning.

Why us?

We work for our clients as we would for our own families. We are all about building life-long meaningful relationships based on trust, integrity, and technical expertise.

We’re a boutique financial planning business. We’re big enough to have industry clout. But small enough to be able to truly know our clients. To be proactive and to provide an exceptionally high level of client service.

Welcome aboard.

Our Services

Our focus is very much on holistic financial and retirement planning rather than on pure investment performance. And our clients love us for it. We strive to bring meaning to your means.

Why travel this journey of life if you can’t afford to stop and enjoy the views along the way?

Like seasoned expedition leaders, we bring together experts in the fields of global investment management, estate planning, risk mitigation and tax management to manage your finances. All of these individual players follow a written financial plan which is regularly updated – in close consultation with you. This is the essence of outcome-based financial planning.

We gain immense satisfaction from helping our clients to not just survive retirement but rather to thrive in their golden years – mentally, physically, and financially.

Our Process

We believe that the first step to successful financial planning is really getting to know our clients by listening to their life stories…

Facts and figures tell us what clients have. They don’t tell us how hard they worked to get there, the sacrifices they made, the people they’re doing it for, the hardships they overcame, the pain and joy they experienced along the journey, the partnerships forged and lost, and the amazing ups and downs navigated while gathering the assets those numbers represent. Behind every success story is a family tree of events and relationships, each inextricably linked to the other. Together these combine to form our unique personal stories.



Embarking On Your Wealth Journey

We will then talk you through DTB’s outcomes-based investment proposal for you and your family. From there, in your own time, you will make your decision about investing your wealth under DTB’s management. You are under no obligation to engage with us, and there are no fees attached to the first three legs of the journey.


Curating Your Itinerary

Now we will create your bespoke investment proposal, bringing financial science to your life plan. This maps out how your wealth can sustainably finance your short, medium and long-term goals, while at the same time managing the associated risks.


Decide On A Destination

Before you engage us, we collaborate with you closely to clarify and quantify your goals. We can’t design an effective investment plan unless we know where you want it to take you. The true power of wealth lies in clarity about what that wealth can achieve. Together, we will unearth the information we need to translate this philosophy into your individual investment plan.


With You Every Step Of The Way

Should you decide to work with DTB, you will benefit from our trademark face-to-face meetings on a regular basis. These allow us to catch up with you on a personal level and to adjust your investment portfolio to any life changes. Face-to-face meetings are DTB’s way of keeping your investment journey aligned with your itinerary – and to maintaining a solid personal relationship with you.

Outcome-based Planning

Recent research by international leading investment companies stresses that clients who work closely with holistic financial advisors experience an average of 3% additional value-add or “Gamma” compared to those who don’t.

This doesn’t just prove the benefits of appropriate asset allocation, rebalancing and tax management. It also shows that ongoing financial coaching can change behaviour and prevent people from making mistakes such as selling at the bottom of the market. The term ‘behaviour gap’ has been coined to describe the difference between the returns investors could earn and the lower returns they actually do earn due to their own behaviour.

Just as the ideal journey is far greater than the sum of its parts, the real value of holistic, values-based financial advice goes far beyond the numbers you see on your statements. Walking the outcome-based journey with us reaps intangible rewards by bringing you peace of mind and helping you to achieve financial wellbeing.

Our Own


The Uniting of DTB Wealth: A Journey of Collaboration and Success.

In the bustling city of Johannesburg, three financial experts with diverse backgrounds embarked on a journey to revolutionize the South African financial services industry. The story began with Reg Thomson, a former advocate who pivoted to corporate finance in 1991. As a leader in the industry, Reg mentored numerous financial advisers. In 1999, he co-founded the Bauer Thomson Investment Group, the precursor to Delport & Thomson Wealth Management.

Reg Thomson believed that the crux of financial planning was coaching clients to work on their relationship with money. His commitment to the community and passion for birdwatching in the bushveld showcased his well-rounded character. With an LLM in taxation and pensions, a Master of Philosophy, and certification as a Financial Planner, Reg’s expertise laid the foundation for a formidable financial alliance.

Adam Bacher, a former international cricket player, joined Reg with over two decades of experience in financial services. Adam’s unique combination of technical, strategic expertise, and understanding of relationships, values, and people made him a valuable asset to the team. His experiences in professional sport left a lasting impression, driving him to succeed in his financial career. With his B Comm degree, Certified Financial Planner certification, and CFA charter, Adam was ready to make a significant impact.

David Terbrugge, another former professional cricketer, completed this dynamic trio. After representing the Highveld Lions and South Africa, David transitioned to wealth management in 2005. With years of experience at Investec Wealth & Investment and Anchor Capital, he joined DTB Wealth as a senior advisor and partner in 2023. David’s passion for helping clients navigate the intricacies of managing their local and international wealth and his holistic approach to financial planning set him apart.

Together, Reg, Adam, and David formed an alliance that would forever change the financial services industry in South Africa. United by their shared vision and dedication, they brought their unique expertise to the table, creating tailored solutions for their clients and ensuring success in both personal and professional financial goal planning. As independent advisors, DTB Wealth is ideally positioned to provide independent, global client-focused advice that will leave a lasting impact on the lives of their clients and the South African financial landscape.

Through their collaboration, these three individuals supported by the rest of their team prove that unity and diversity of expertise can lead to ground-breaking achievements, transforming the world of financial planning for the better.

Reg Thomson

Director, BA LLB LLM (Tax) MPHIL, CFP®

Reg Thomson has been a leader in the South African financial services industry since 1991, and he served as national sales manager for Investec Investment Management Services. After starting out as an advocate at the Johannesburg Bar, he pivoted to corporate finance. He designed some of the early financial investment instruments used in the industry and he has trained and mentored many financial advisers (including Ant and Adam) over the decades. In 1999 he co-founded the Bauer Thomson Investment Group, the precursor to Delport & Thomson.

For Reg, the crux of financial planning is coaching clients to work on their relationship with money. When he is not in the office, you’re likely to find him giving back to the community or birdwatching in his beloved bushveld. He holds an LLM in taxation and pensions, a Master of Philosophy, and is a Certified Financial Planner®.

Adam Bacher

Director, CFA®, CFP®

Adam Bacher has more than two decades’ experience in the financial services industry. He served as head of the Alexander Forbes’ personal financial planning investment committee, before going on his own in 2010. His technical and strategic expertise is complemented by his keen understanding of relationships, values and people.

Adam has represented South Africa in international cricket, playing 19 test matches and 13 one day internationals. His experiences at the highest level of professional sport have left a lasting impression. Dealing with the ups and downs of professional sport made him “super curious to find out what it takes to succeed more than you fail.” As his clients will tell you, he seems to have found the answer. Adam has a B Comm degree and is a Certified Financial Planner and a CFA® charter holder. 

David Terbrugge

Director, CFP®, BCom, PDM

Following a career as a professional cricketer where he represented the Highveld Lions and South Africa, David Terbrugge embarked on a career in wealth management in 2005. Having spent 14 years at Investec Wealth & Investment; and more recently Anchor Capital; managing the financial affairs and advising some of South Africa’s wealthiest families and entrepreneurs, David joined DTB Wealth as a senior advisor and partner on 1 March 2023.

David is passionate about helping his clients navigate the intricacies of managing both their local and international wealth and helping them craft creative solutions in the ever-changing wealth management landscape. He values identifying his client’s priorities, concerns, and aspirations because he knows that financial planning should be approached holistically. As independent advisors, DTB Wealth are ideally positioned to impart independent and client-centric advice. David has a B Comm, PDM and is a Certified Financial Planner.

Erna van Loggerenberg

Director of Operations

I began my career in 2000 with Momentum, where I worked as a receptionist and later as an admin assistant. In 2005, I joined Delport & Thomson Wealth Management as an assistant. I am excited about the recent merger with Adam Bacher & Associates to form DTB Wealth – a full-service financial planning practice that delivers exceptional customer service.

I am the Director of Operations for DTB Wealth, and I also have an NQF Diploma in Financial Planning from Millpark Education, which I completed in 2019.

Beyond the office, I enjoy travelling and camping with my husband and two daughters. We all have a strong interest in wildlife conservation.

Ylene Wolvaardt

Admin Assistant

I have been working in the financial services industry since 2009, when I joined Delport & Thomson Wealth Management as an admin assistant. I am excited about the merger with Adam Bacher & Associates to form DTB Wealth, which will certainly take the business to new heights.

I am an energetic and friendly person and I take pride in my work. I love assisting clients and making sure they receive the best customer service possible.

Outside the office, I enjoy spending time in nature with my family and friends.

Leigh-Ann Ritson

Admin Assistant

I have more than 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry. I joined Adam Bacher & Associates in January 2010 and I am excited to be part of the new trajectory of the business as we merge with Delport & Thompson to form DTB Wealth.

I assist clients on a daily basis and provide them with peace of mind, knowing that all their concerns are in a safe pair of hands. I pride myself on delivering a very high standard of customer service, drawing on my BA in Psychology to really understand what makes people tick.

Travelling is my passion, especially when it ties into my other interests like Egyptology, cooking and broadening my understanding of wine. I also spend much of my free time supporting my three energetic children on the sports field.

Our Clients

Our bespoke approach works best with successful executives and professionals who view wealth as a wonderful journey and retirement as a magnificent destination. The synchronicity between our values and yours is the cornerstone of your relationship with us. We love working with people who…

Are financial delegators who value expert advice 

Are passionate about meaningful goals which require planning and money 

Enjoy the simplicity, freedom and peace of mind that comes with having all their financial assets under a watchful eye 

Value our expertise and benefit from the advice fee (we charge a percentage of assets under our care)

Focus on what’s important in their lives and live meaningful lives 

Can handle the truth and don’t skirt around uncomfortable issues


“Adam came into our lives during 2011 when we made our first investment and since then he has become a family friend and most importantly a financial advisor of high standing, integrity and honesty. As we are certainly financial whiz-kids and in-depth followers of local and international financial affairs, we entrust him to guide and help us to remain financially comfortable going into our retirement years.”

Tony and Glynis Banek


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