In the business world, mergers and acquisitions are common occurrences.

People often come together to combine their resources, expertise, ideas, and client bases to create a stronger and more competitive entity. After the recent successful merger of Adam Bacher & Associates Wealth Management and Delport & Thomson Wealth Management, another exciting journey is about to start for DTB Wealth.

We welcome former Proteas cricket player and well-established wealth manager, David Terbrugge, to the team. David brings with him many years of wealth management experience and knowledge and has built a strong reputation for providing high-quality financial planning to high-net-worth families across South Africa. As of 1 March, 2023, David will be a senior advisor and partner at DTB Wealth. By joining forces, DTB Wealth will aim to create an even better financial advice business to ensure our clients experience the ultimate wealth journey they deserve.

Nothing tells a story better than a video, so please enjoy this 10-minute video interview where we share our history, our journey, and the exciting future that awaits.

We look forward to engaging with all our clients in 2023.


Adam, Reg, David, Ylene, Erna, and Leigh-Ann.